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hd video switcher for drone


The FPV world is steadily moving to High-Definition Video links...

So why has no one developed a standalone multi-cam video switcher to match???


A good question that we finally decided to create the answer for.


As enthusiastic FPV pilots ourselves, one of the biggest things we have gotten kicks out of over the years is the ability to attach multiple cameras to our aircraft, either to switch to different views, to switch between our regular flight cam and a FLIR thermal cam, or to switch between the normal flight cam and a GoPro camera to make sure we're getting the recording centered just right. FPV Video Switchers were central to our ability to do this, and are used widely throughout the hobby.


As the FPV hobby progressed, like many others we anxiously awaited the arrival of (reasonably affordable) high-definition video systems that would eliminate snow, and provide a much sharper picture, increasing realism and taking the feeling of FPV to the next level.


When the HD transmission systems finally arrived, we were blown away! But the elation was quickly dampened a good bit when we realized that all these standalone HD equipment manufacturers had provided **no** method to connect more than 1 HD camera to their systems. Our ability to switch between cameras during flight was gone with these new HD systems. So unless you bought one of the "prefab" drone systems that allowed you to switch views with their proprietary, closed-system cameras, evidently you were out of luck. True HOBBYIST FPV'ers who built their own systems component by component, had no multi-cam video switcher component option.


How could that be?? Hobbyist FPV'ers who built their aircraft piece by piece... and also built the FPV industry... had no HD video switcher option.


We looked high and low, contacted component vendors worldwide, and finally had to face the fact that apparently there was no such thing in the world.


So out of our customers' need, and out of desperation.. we finally designed one ourselves.



WORKING PROTOTYPE: In this video we are using a typical Futaba controller to switch between our normal Zoom Flight Camera and our FLIR Thermal Camera. Picture quality is stellar from either camera through the HDMIRC Video Switcher. Control connection onboard the aircraft is made using ordinary connectors and any available RC channel.


We couldn't be more excited about this breakthrough, and we have decided to partner with Kickstarter to launch its availability to the public.



Why would an established company utilize Kickstarter to roll out a new product?


Even though Unmanned Aerial Solutions has been around for several years now, our main markets typically are various small, public governmental organizations, and as such, the products and systems we normally sell are custom designed for 'niche' purposes for those specific customers. As such, these products are sold in small quantities to various customers and don't require large-scale production capabilities...


However... in the case of the HDMIRC™ Video Switcher... we are talking about a product that applies to MAINSTREAM (not 'niche') RC hobbyists, and the number of people it could benefit would be in the thousands worldwide. That kind of demand is beyond our normal in-house manufacturing capabilities, and therefore we will need to contract with outside manufacturing facilities which require a large-volume manufacturing order (and lots of upfront money) to consider producing a new product. This situation makes Kickstarter an ideal platform for raising the upfront money we need to bring HDMIRC™ to life on a scale that will benefit FPV'ers worldwide.



I'm not very familiar with the whole Kickstarter process... How does this thing work?


With Kickstarter, individuals who choose to participate can donate at various levels that are set by the organizer. You can choose to donate as little as $5 simply to contribute toward the birth of a new technology... $10 to receive a gift... pay the purchase price of the item and receive one of the very first batch... pay a larger price to receive multipe units.... contribute even more to receive "founder" status... it's totally up to you. Donors receive regular progress updates along the way to the product becoming reality and shipping out to them. As a Kickstarter Donor, you become part of the story of the birth of a new product, regardless of what you choose to invest at whatever level. As such, you receive acknowledgement as a partner and are kept in the loop as the process moves along. It's more than just buying a product... it's owning part of the story of something new and game-changing!



***HDMIRC™ Kickstarter is now LIVE!**

CLICK HERE to Learn More and Order!








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