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Over the years, UAS has established itself as an innovator in the small UAV industry, with a mission to bring new unmanned aerial vehiclefunctionalities on multiple levels to the market. Part of acheiving that mission involves working with a myriad of organizations to learn together, grow together, and to achieve a better understanding of what is desired from customers and turning those desires into real-world functionality.


To that end, UAS has, from the beginning, worked with partners in the industry, as well as educational/research organizations, government agencies, and both potential and actual customers, to turn goals and wishes into reality. We have worked with Louisiana State University Agriculture Center personnel through both talks and demonstration, of our system, and its capabilities and potential for the agriculture industry.


We have partnered with the University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute (UTARI) to investigate solutions bothunmanned aerial vehicle for our own system and the UAV industry in general.


We partnered with a major cotton farmer and crop consultant to research and improve on the use of NDVI imagery by small unmanned aerial vehicleUAV's to monitor crop health.


We demonstrated our system's capabilities to one of the largest police agencies in the nation who operates a drone program. And heard their officers state that our system was the best they have seen to date.


We are in regular communication with Somervell County, Texas, who owns and operates one of our systems in unmanned aerial vehiclemultiple missions..fire, police, and search & rescue to name a few. Somervell serves as both a customer and a real-world testbed for new features we are incorporating into our systems.


We are proud to have recently added the City of Alexandria, LA Utilities Department unmanned aerial vehicleto our roster of customers. Alexandria is already very active with the system, conducting inspections to their power grid and other city infrastructure, to provide better service and safety to the citizens of their city, in a more timely, cost-effective manner.


We continually learn and improve from the conversations and unmanned aerial vehicleexperiences we share with these organizations and others. For us, the "research phase" of our business will never be over. We will always be communicating, experimenting, learning, and using the gained knowledge to improve on a UAV system that is already groundbreaking.


We invite you to become part of that story today. Contact us so we can discuss your needs and work with you to develop a custom solution to accomplish your own specific missions.




UAS is proud to support the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) 


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