UAS PS M-6... Public Safety Made Safer through UAV Technology


For police, firefighters and other first responders, UAS provides enhanced situational awareness while minimizing the danger to which they are unmanned aerial vehicleexposed. With public resources in short supply due to local, State and Federal budget constraints, UAS provides a cost-effective solution for public safety agencies working to enhance public safety more effectively and efficiently.


As a data point, fewer than 3% of law enforcement units have aviation assets to support their daily operations because of the high operating costs of manned aircraft. UAS changes this paradigm, allowing these critical agencies to better protect themselves as they work to protect us — and at a fraction of the cost.


Unmanned aerial vehicles have proven themselves invaluable in their ability to be deployed quickly for searches in remote locations. When minutes count, mini UAV's that can be transported and operated directly from a patrol vehicle can make the difference.


Our PS-M6 Multiprop Aircraft can give police agencies the 'high-ground' advantage. These versatile aircraft can provide your agency with the unmanned aerial vehicleability to maintain control of the situation from a bird's eye view, and if necessary, they are small enough to examine persons or property from only a few feet away... something not possible with costly, full-scale aircraft. Mini UAV's can also be extraordinarily useful at crime or accident scenes, giving your agency the capability of recording the incident through high-definition video or photos. This data can then be analyzed post-incident, potentially revealing evidence not discovered on the scene. This info can add substantial leverage to support your investigations with clear evidence to present in court.


Firefighters... give your fire teams the unbeatable edge that an aerial platform can provide. Plan your firefighting strategy more safely and efficiently by following the fire's progress with a bird's eye view. Know where unmanned aerial vehiclethe threats from a fire are the greatest, and keep your teams out of harm's way.


UAS offers Local, State and Federal Agencies tailored packages based on agency needs. These tailored packages can be as robust as the complete unmanned aerial system, extended warranties, operator training, and follow on maintenance service to just a single platform purchase or lease…you know your needs and capabilities best and we stand to support when and where needed.


UAS can also assist your Agency in obtaining training to get your officers licensed under FAA's Part 107 pilot certification system. Thanks to Part 107, it has never been easier to get your officers legally qualified to operate. Even if they only spend a couple hours per week preparing, they can have their Part 107 license within a few weeks.






UAS is proud to support the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) 


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