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Seeing is believing... these media items showcase some of the capabilities of the UAS M-6 Multiprop Aircraft System. Visit our YouTube Page for even more great footage of our system in action.






PS-M6 Demo Flight


This quick demo video highlights some of the features of UAS's PS-M6 Multirotor Aircraft System, along with showing the OMNI Ground Station in action. Despite the real-world high winds on this demo day, the substantial size and power of the PS-M6 allows it to perform when needed. The OMNI Ground Station is a comfortable, highly-effective solution for mananging flight operations, is easily transportable, and also carries the aircraft inside. What's more, the OMNI can be easily put into operation in less than 4 minutes, offering the setup speed of far simpler handheld controllers with tiny monitors -- along with an unrivaled operational capability that miniaturized systems could never provide.




OMNI Ground Station


The OMNI Ground Station is not only the perfect solution for the operation of any UAV.. it is also easy to transport and quick to set up. The only all-in-one aircraft transport/ground station setup of its type, the OMNI revolutionizes mobile UAV operations by both greatly simplifying setup in the field, and maximizing operator comfort, especially essential for long flight operations.



Autonomous Flight

At a ranch near Fort Worth, Texas, this flight was conducted totally autonomously, having been pre-programmed using our wireless iPad Ground Station software. While the flight is autonomous, we are always monitoring the flight through live video and telemetry, and are able to take manual control at any time. Toward the end, the aircraft begins to leave our location, operating in "continuous" mode headed back toward the first waypoint. At that time, we terminate the flight by flipping the Return To Home switch on our control transmitter... and the aircraft climbs to 50 meters, returns to us, lands itself, and shuts itself off.


This flight was conducted during a brisk Texas afternoon wind; you can see the arms of the aircraft shifting around as it pitches to maintain flawless position hold, regardless of the wind. Note that the gimbal system is keeping the video camera perfectly level, in spite of the airframe's pitching to counter the wind forces.


Note near the end of the video, that we are not sitting at the controls. The only manual adjustment was changing the tilt of the onboard camera. Pretty amazing to see the aircraft carry out its mission on its own, never needing any interaction except to tell it to terminate the mission and return home.




Ride Around The Ranch


Flight at our Central Louisiana Research/Final Assembly Facility. This location, adjacent to a 52,000 acre wooded reserve, provides us with the space, safety and privacy we need to push the envelope of our existing systems, and to test the next generation of components.









police drone

The UAS PS-M6 is an impressive aircraft. As versatile as it is dependable, the PS-M6 will allow you to carry the perfect payload, for every mission. Its beefy frame and overall substantial size allows it to stand up to windy conditions and provide a large lifting capacity, while still remaining compact enough for easy transport.



public safety multirotor UAV

The 6-rotor design of the PS-M6 not only gives it added stability, it also allows a level of safety that the cheaper-built common 4-rotor "quadcopter" types of systems can never offer.. should the 6-rotor PS-M6 lose a prop or motor function during flight, it is capable of maintaining stable flight on 5 rotors until it can be landed. Such a loss would cause a catastrophic crash on a 4-rotor "quadcopter" system. Thus, the 6-rotor system incorporated on our PS-M6 not only provides an extra measure to protect the investment of your agency and its constituents.. it also helps to protect the lives and property underneath your flight path.




OMNI Ground Station


UAV ground station

The OMNI Ground Station is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one solution developed by UAS to meet the needs specified by our customers for an easily portable system that allows for quick setup in the field. The OMNI allows you to carry virtually everything you need for your UAV operations -- aircraft, ground monitors, flight instruments, and controller -- all in one case. Once in the field, the OMNI transforms from your UAV carrying case, to a top-notch ground station, in less than 4 minutes.



UAV head mounted display               UAV flight monitor 

Flight can be conducted from the OMNI Ground Station by a single pilot using either the Head-Mounted Display, or the 22-inch LED Monitor. Or utilize both flight monitor systems, with pilot and copilot sitting side-by-side managing flight operations. The Head-Mounted Display also features a head-tracking system that allows you to pan and tilt the flight camera onboard the aircraft, simply by moving your head in any direction... it is as if you were sitting onboard the aircraft looking around. This feature allows for an unprecedented level of visibility that most UAV manufacturers refuse to offer.




UAV ground station

The OMNI provides a world-class ground station that also serves as your aircraft case.. and folds to transport and store easily. Its onboard DC power system means there is no need for cords or an AC power supply.. simply charge the onboard battery and head to the field.





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