Earn your Remote Pilot Certificate!



It's here! The FAA's Remote Pilot Certificate program is now active and available. Earn your wings whether or not you have prior experience as a licensed pilot.


As of late August 2016, the FAA has finalized its drone Remote Pilot Certificate program. Both remote pilot certificatecandidates who are licensed pilots, and folks who've never been licensed as any type of pilot before, now have straightforward paths toward earning a license to operate drones commercially.



If you've never held any type of Pilot's License Before:


1) Register online with the FAA's "IACRA" system, to apply for the Remote Pilot Certificate, at this link: https://iacra.faa.gov/IACRA/Default.aspx


2) Take and pass the FAA's Unmanned Aircraft General - Small (UAG) Knowledge Test at a Testing Center of your choice,


3) The FAA will provide you with instructions on how to print your Temporary Certificate which you can use to fly commercially right away,


4) The FAA will send your Permanent Certificate to you through the mail.


Note although not required, to ensure your success we STRONGLY recommend that you make use of one of the Online Drone Training schools that offer courses preparing you for the UAG Knowledge Test (Part 107), such as DartDrones.


Visit DartDrones at:   https://www.dartdrones.com/?ref=10





If you are already a Licensed Pilot for Full-Scale Aircraft:


If you're already licensed to operate full-scale aircraft, then your path gets even easier! Even though there appear to be more steps in this route, it is a faster process that won't require as much of a time investment. You'll enjoy an accelerated path toward drone pilot licensing, because you've already demonstrated your competency as a licensed full-scale pilot. Here's what you'll need to do:


1) Register online with the FAA's "IACRA" system, to apply for the Remote Pilot Certificate, at this link: https://iacra.faa.gov/IACRA/Default.aspx


2) Take the FAA Safety Team's online course, expressly designed for those who already hold a Pilot Certificate. This is an "express" course that keeps things simpler for licensed pilots, while still ensuring you have all the knowledge you need to operate legally and safely as a Remote Pilot.


Take the Course at: https://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/CourseLanding.aspx?cID=451


3) Meet with an FAA-authorized individual (such as a Certified Flight instructor or a representative of your local FAA Flight Standards District Office, FSDO). You'll need to provide the individual with Valid Identification, your Certificate validating your online course completion, your FAA-issued (full-scale) Pilot Certificate, verification of a current Flight Review, your IACRA application ID number, and FAA Tracking Number (available on your IACRA account).


4) If you choose to meet with someone at your FSDO office or a Designated Pilot Examiner, you will be issued a Temporary Certificate right away. If instead you choose to meet with a Certified Flight Instructor, the FAA will send you instructions via email to print your Temporary Certificate.


5) Then you will receive your Permanent Certificate from the FAA through the mail.



Questions? Contact us at info@uasllc.us and we will be glad to guide you on the path that's best for your individual needs.






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