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Unmanned Aerial Solutions sets the bar in the Commercial UAV market by offering never-before-seen functionality that is customized toward your specific needs for a drone system. We go the extra mile to develop and provide componentry and capability that you will find in nowhere else in the world at any price. That type of commitment ensures our systems will allow our customers to have an unparalleled level of performance from their UAV System, allowing them to be highly effective in their missions.







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Shaping the Now and the Future of Unmanned Aerial Applications


UAS PROVIDES TURN-KEY, TAILORABLE SOLUTIONS FOR ALL OF YOUR UNMANNED AERIAL NEEDS OR DESIRES. Whether you are looking for police drones for sale, or the most immersive First Person View (FPV) system that is available today, or a system that will provide the most accurate data for your Agency or Market, to the most reliable platform for your sensor Research and Design (R&D) requirements…UAS answers the call.





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The UAS Seraph is a beefy, versatile, dependable, commercial grade aircraft. Boasting six rotors instead of the usual 4-rotor quadcopter hobbyist drone style, it is capable of maintaining flight on 5 rotors until landed, should a rotor fail...protecting not only your investment, but the property and lives underneath your flight path


uav ground station

The OMNI Ground Station is a one-of-a-kind, all in one solution developed by UAS to meet the needs specified by our customers for an easily portable system that allows for quick setup in the field. This unique, proprietary system provides a protective case for your aircraft, and converts to an industry-leading ground station in the field... your virtual cockpit.

Real-World Payload Capability!


police drone with zoom camera
Our HD Zoom camera gives pilots the ability to view and record fine details of a scene from hundreds of feet away. Actual flight video footage.



From complete commercial or public use custom designed packages and services to direct sale to the enthusiast consumer, UAS offers the most immersive and cutting edge technology in a user friendly and intuitive package at the most competitive prices…truly a best value solution.


drone for search and rescue
Quickly deployable when minutes count, in search and rescue situations a UAV can mean the difference between life and death.
drone crowd control
Small UAVs provide a cost effective way to monitor large events aerially and with minimum disturbance. If necessary, they are small enough to examine persons or property from only a few feet away.
drone with thermal camera
Aerial thermal imagery can bring situational awareness to a whole new level for your agency. Equip your UAV with the optional FLIR thermal camera system and give your personnel an extra dimension of visibility and safety.
drone for mapping
Using our proprietary downward-facing belly camera cradle, your UAV becomes a powerful aerial mapping system. Carrying a full-size digital camera, the aircraft snaps a high-resolution image every 3 seconds. These images are then compiled into one large composite map through software on the ground for viewing.
drone for ndvi farming
Used by NASA for years, and later by full-scale conventional aircraft, NDVI imagery provides agriculture professionals the ability to see stress in vegetation that is not visible to the naked eye. Using our belly camera cradle and specialized NDVI camera, see 'around the bend' and treat problem areas of your fields before yields are reduced.
drone for firemen
Give your fire teams the unbeatable edge that an aerial drone platform can provide. Plan your firefighting strategy more safely and efficiently by following the fire's progress with a bird's eye view. Know where the threats from a fire are the greatest, and keep your teams out of harm's way. Add thermal imaging to pinpoint hot spots right away.
drone for law enforcement
UAVs can significantly reduce on-the-scene accident investigation time, in addition to improving the quality of data gathered at the accident scene. The data can then be analyzed post-accident, providing clear evidence to present in court.
drone for filmmaking
In ever-growing numbers, television and movie producers are utilizing UAVs equipped with high-definition cameras to capture stunning aerial views. Much more cost effective than full-scale aircraft, UAVs give these professionals the ability to film at a moment's notice.
drone for utility inspection
Across the nation and around the world, utility and energy companies are discovering the benefits of using small UAVs to inspect their infrastructure. By providing close-up, high definitiion imagery, UAVs are saving these companies time, and thousands of dollars, by avoiding operation shut-downs and other costs.



Whatever your needs, look to us for top-quality aerial drone systems that get the job done, day in and day out. We know your missions are critical... so we never compromise on quality. Yet we strive continually to bring you the best equipment for the job, in a truly cost-effective package. Our team has the real-world experience that is essential to knowing what is needed from an aerial support system, and the technical expertise to make that system a reality.


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